The author wrote this book to make parents aware of the dangers of screen overexposure on their child’s development, as it can have a negative impact on their brain development. According to Dr. Victoria Dunckley, child psychiatrist, these devices can disrupt the behavior of children and lead to a series of negative symptoms, such as sleep disturbances, mood changes, attention difficulties, hyperactivity, and social and a decline in school performance. In addition, according to research carried out by organizations in Quebec, screens can harm the development of language, vision, motor skills, and human relations in general. (Government of Quebec, 2023). In this book, I share my personal experience and those of other Quebec parents, as well as results published by scientists around the world.

I find it unfortunate that the government is aware of the danger of screens on children but does not make parents more aware of this problem. At the very least, the government should invest in information and awareness campaigns for parents and teachers. Also, it would be wise to insert in the notebook extensive information on the risks associated with screens on children. In addition, they should make it mandatory for manufacturers of screens (tablets, computers, mobile phones) to put information on packaging for consumers on the dangers associated with overexposure to screens according to age (CoSe 2023).

Finally, call the parents in order to explain to them, taking into account the age of their children, the danger of screens when they are not used correctly. As we receive calls for the weight and the vaccines of the baby, why couldn’t we receive awareness calls in order to highlight this harmful link between the use of screens and the development of the child? This awareness would aim to change the views, mentalities, and behaviors of individuals regarding distinct issues related to new technologies. But also to create healthy routines that help children grow in a way that does not harm their overall health and development.

Moreover, even adults are affected by this phenomenon. For example, overexposure to the screen can cause headaches, back pain, dry eyes, and anxiety. I would never have believed that new technologies could cause such changes in our lives. But for the well-being of our treasures, we have to make sacrifices. We have to change our habits as adults because the child imitates our behaviors. To help children thrive in today’s digital world, parents can take a number of steps to promote their health and development. One such strategy is to set daily limits on the time children are to spend in front of screens and to encourage them to engage in other activities and play screen-free games.

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