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Why this book, and who is it for?

By using Babookid games, parents can help children have a healthy balance of screen time and other activities and enjoy the benefits of both technology and real-world experiences

I wrote this book to make parents aware of the dangers of screen overexposure on their
child’s development, as it can have a negative impact on their brain
development. According to Dr. Victoria Dunckley, child psychiatrist, these
devices can disrupt the behavior of children and lead to a series of negative
symptoms, such as sleep disturbances, mood changes, attention difficulties,
hyperactivity, and social and a decline in school performance. In addition,
according to research carried out by organizations in Quebec, screens can harm
the development of language, vision, motor skills, and human relations in
general. (Government of Quebec, 2023). In this book, I share my personal
experience and those of other Quebec parents, as well as results published by
scientists around the world.

I find it unfortunate that the government is aware of the danger of screens on children
but does not make parents more aware of this problem…

Moreover, even adults are affected by this phenomenon. For example, overexposure to the screen
can cause headaches, back pain, dry eyes, and anxiety.

To help children thrive in today’s digital world, parents can take a number of steps to promote
their health and development. One of the best strategy is to follow this guides of 15 keys.


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