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* Babookid is born in Montreal (Qc)

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Elevate your child's digital well-being with Babookid. We provide expert guidance and research-backed solutions to help parents navigate the digital age, ensuring a balanced and healthy upbringing.
Child age (0-12)

Parent counseling service

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Overexposure to screens in children can have adverse effects on their cognitive and social development, as well as physical and mental health.

We recommend that you read the book: 15 Keys to raise children in the digital word- Parental guide.

the Book includes authentic stories from Quebecor parents and is based on real studies and cases. 

and presents 15 keys to help children develop a healthy relationship with technology. It also provides exercises and activities to promote a healthy routine and enhance children’s well-being.

Babookid is children's best friend

Our Story

Hello! I’m a mother from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and I’m not only the author of “15 Keys to Raise Children in the Digital World”, but also passionate about discovering new methods to educate my children in a healthy way despite the ubiquity of technology. I am constantly working towards creating a fun and engaging environment at home that fosters learning and discourages excessive screen time. To better understand my children’s needs at every stage of development, I pursued a course in child psychology at the University of Geneva. This knowledge enables me to identify which skills are essential to focus on and how play can be utilized as a valuable tool for learning and development...

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”I like to support local products, and I think her creations are so amazing, well thought out. it's my first choice of gift as a grand mother of two adorable children...”
“My little boy loves the 3d dinosaur book, he brings it with him wherever he goes to show it to his friends proudly!, I am very satisfied with my purchase...”

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