Babookid 2in1-Montessori toy and bookmark- yellow


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Children derive significant benefits from our Baboo at the sensory, motor and fun level, due to the different textures of the material used, a body that folds easily, hands that move, an expressive face. Baboo teaches the child to be patient while manipulating this game to achieve the desired character./100

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”Reading is amazing” Boost young reader’s imaginations with this charming bookmark.

babookid / Lire8 bookmarks are made in Canada with love to train reading interest of the children.

This bookmark promotes your children’s fine motor and sensory skills. The bookmark consists of a body that bends easily, hands that move and an expressive face It assists them in their learning in a fun way.

  • Bookmark designs on a different pretty colored tissue.
  • Suitable Size and durable quality, Bookmark measures approximately 3cm wide 14 cm high.
  • Great For kids Reading: designed with pretty Colored textures of material, which are reusable, it’s a hand washable bookmark.
  • Blocks distractions, helps focus and concentration since the  babookid bookmark is as a friend that hear your child reading J
  • Different Colors offered: (Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Green, Yellow…) which can meet the children’s choice.
  • Easy For Use: It is suitable for beginners and children who have just start learning to read, and those who have difficulty in reading by encouraging them with this toys.
  • Expressive transformable washable


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Bleu, Orange, Yellow, Green, Green2, Red, Pink, Purple


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