Book English- The 15 keys to raise children in the digital world


15 Keys to Raise Children in the Digital World” is an essential guidebook that equips parents with practical strategies and expert advice to navigate the challenges of raising children in the digital age. Written by a renowned parenting expert, this comprehensive book provides a wealth of knowledge, personal experiences, and scientific evidence to empower parents in fostering a healthy and balanced relationship between their children and technology.

Part 1 of the book sets the stage by addressing why this book is crucial and identifies the target audience. It emphasizes the need for parents to understand the digital world and its impact on children’s development, making it a must-read for parents seeking guidance and insights in this evolving landscape.

In Part 2, the author shares experiences from real parents, highlighting case studies that resonate with the challenges faced in the digital era. Through personal stories ranging from addiction to autism, electricity in the hands to bad posture, readers gain a deeper understanding of the consequences of excessive screen time and the importance of effective parenting strategies.

Part 3 explores the scientific evidence and observations behind children’s interactions with technology. Topics covered include human interactions and emotional well-being, the uses of screens, multitasking, neurological changes, smartphone-associated illnesses, impacts of video games, and autism. By combining research findings and expert insights, the author provides a comprehensive understanding of the effects of digital devices on children’s development.

The core of the book lies in Part 4, which outlines the 15 essential keys for raising children in the digital world. Each key is thoroughly explored, offering practical advice and actionable strategies. From cultivating parental patience and promoting healthy eating habits to encouraging good hygiene and restful sleep, parents will discover a comprehensive toolkit to foster their children’s overall well-being. The keys also cover topics such as sitting well, boosting self-esteem, developing focus, emotional management, family time, online safety, appropriate language usage, academic achievement, encouraging other activities, and setting screen time limits for different age groups. The book even provides an example of game alternatives without screens, showcasing creative ways to engage children away from digital devices.

The book concludes with a compelling summary in the conclusion section, ensuring readers grasp the key takeaways, and a bibliography that serves as a valuable resource for further exploration.

“15 Keys to Raise Children in the Digital World” is a must-have resource for parents seeking to strike a balance between the benefits and potential pitfalls of technology. With its insightful content and practical strategies, this book empowers parents to create a nurturing environment and guide their children toward a healthy and well-rounded upbringing in the digital era.

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