Babookid’s intelligent Timer : screen time 20:20:20 Rule


Take Control of Screen Time with Babookid’s Creative Gravity Timer and the 20:20:20 Rule, Pomodoro Technique

Are you concerned about your child’s screen time and the potential dangers of overexposure to digital devices?

Babookid, a Canadian company committed to promoting healthy screen habits and child development, has the perfect solutions for you.

Our Creative Gravity Timer:
Keep your children focused and engaged in their tasks with our innovative Creative Gravity Timer. It’s as simple as flipping a cube to start the countdown. We’ve incorporated the 20:20:20 rule to help your child maintain a healthy balance while using digital devices. For example, when your child begins computer work, they place the cube with the number 20 at the top, and it immediately starts counting down. After 20 minutes, they’ll hear a pleasant ringtone, signaling it’s time for a screen break. To stop the timer, they have to turn over the cube with the logo on it. After the break, they can reset the cube for another productive session. It’s a practical, easy, and enjoyable way for your child to manage their screen time effectively.

Give the Gift of Learning:
Our toys from Babookid make exceptional gifts for any occasion, from birthdays to holidays and even for homeschooling. We believe in nurturing the joy of learning in children, and our products are designed to do just that. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, back-to-school preparation, or a festive holiday, Babookid toys are the perfect choice.

Super Sensory Skills:
At Babookid, we understand the importance of sensory development in children. Our sensory toys and activities not only encourage exploration and investigation but also contribute to the development of essential motor skills and neural connections in the brain. We’re dedicated to fostering holistic child development through engaging and educational play.

Key Features of Our Creative Gravity Timer:

– Cubic timer suitable for various activities, including computer learning, reading, games, sports, and office work.
– Gravitational induction synchronization ensures easy and accurate time setting without the need for manual adjustments.
– Clear digital screen at the bottom displays the countdown time in real-time.
– Two-level adjustable alarm sound for different occasions and preferences.
– Small and lightweight (65x65x65mm/2.55×2.55×2.55 in) design with rounded corners for easy handling. cover protector on multi color.
– Multiple time options (15-20-30-60 minutes) to suit different needs.

-Battery: 2*AAA battery (Not included because the battery cannot be transported)

Babookid is your partner in creating a balanced and enriching environment for your child. Our innovative products and commitment to child development set us apart. Join us in the mission to raise awareness about the dangers of excessive screen time and provide children with the tools they need to learn, grow, and thrive.

More details about 20:20:20 rule: clic here

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 65 × 65 × 65 mm

Bleu, Orange, Pink, Red


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