Babookid for your educational activities!

The games created by Babookid specifically develop skills, attitudes and call on notions required in schooling at all levels of the school career. our products are eco-responsible (washable, reusable, non-toxic products). They can be customized according to the needs of teachers or parents.

Benefits of learning through play

  1. Develop social and cognitive skills
  2. Gain self-confidence
  3. Master fine and sensory motor skills
  4. Learn practical life skills
  5. Keep children away from digital devices

Educational Material (customizable)

Math Calculation Activity Chart
Is it difficult to teach your toddler how to add and subtract?
We have the solution 

Learn facial emotion with Babookid 2 in 1 Board.
Help your children to express their emotions well.

Learn shapes, colors, the alphabet
( the personalized activity tables).

Memory games!
Improve your children’s memory with our different tables.

The human body, Bones and Organs, Inspired Educational Science Toy!
Where does my cake go when I eat it?
what’s that noise, boom boom boom?

Develop imagination, concentration and many other skills through different construction games.
3D books, an extraordinary discovery!

Encourage children to read more with babookid’s unique bookmarks.  
playful and non-falling bookmark! yes you won’t lose them anymore

Request a quote for a personalization or a group purchase, please send an email to: or call us at 514 322-1047.

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