Babookid meets Ellen

Babookid and Ellen had been friends for a long time now. Ellen was 6 when mom brought the Babookid home.

“Hola Ellen!” Babookid said.

“Hey,” Ellen looked confused.

“What are you,” she gasped as she looked her adorable Babookid.

“Are you a pencil or a pen. Or Are you by any chance a ruling scale?” she could not figure out.

“I am everything you want me to be!” Babookid smiled.

“I am a bookmark, a toy, a friend!”

“So do you go into books? Do you like living there?” she asked the babookid.

“I love living there. You should come visit my home sometime, Ellen. I am sure you will like it,” Babookid winked.

“Where is your home, Babookid?”

“Well now, my home is with you, but it used to be a library. You should come to a library with me. I will show you around and may be you can even take a book home,” Babookid convinced Ellen to go to the library with him.

“Sure. Let’s go this Saturday!”

They made the plan. They used to play together and do everything together.

Babookid would even help Ellen in finishing her homework.

“There is no friend as cool as you, Babookid!” her little eyes gleamed.

All the students in Ellen’s class wanted a Babookid for themselves.

Finally, Saturday was here and the two of them went to the library.

“Woah” Ellen was taken aback by the number of books in the Library.

The library smelt of books and ink, autumn and hot chocolate. It felt like a cozy place to be.


“Shh! Not so loud Ellen! All the other books will wake up” said the babookid.

“Sorry! I love this place, babookid. Your home is so pretty!” she whispered. Both of them giggled.

Looking at all the books, Ellen couldn’t help but wonder about what was written inside them.

And so she asked the babookid to show her some good books.

“Book number 1 : this is about a boy who completes his journey around the world in Eighty days, that too in a hot air balloon!” Ellen couldn’t believe her ears. She had always wanted to be inside a hot air balloon too.

“Book number 2 : This is about a Detective called Sherlock Holmes who solves all crime mysteries and tracks down the thieves!”

“Book number 3 : This book is about a girl named Aurora who is under the curse by a fairy called Maleficent and so she sleeps inside a castle, forever!”

That day, Ellen brought  5 books home and the next week she insisted to visit Babookid’s home again.  She had started to love books when she found Babookid.

Both of them would read together and have challenges for who completes the book first. If Ellen won, Babookid gave her a pat and if Babookid won, she would play with him the whole day.

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